Nada Jreissati Daher

Founder & Managing Director

Master Certified Coach Trainer

Since I started my career as a coach, I have realized the lack of awareness concerning this relatively new profession in the region. In addition, I was fully aware of the importance of connecting professionals and accredited coaches in Lebanon, giving them the appropriate right to credentials and allowing them to practice coaching in respect to the ethical guidelines. These guidelines are not only those of the ICF (International Coach Federation) but of any institution that delivers accredited coach certifications that align with the specifications of coaching as a true profession. 

After many attempts, both official and unofficial, I have come to the conclusion that if I don't take action immediately, with the help of accredited coaches in the market, the bar for the coaching profession will never be set high. This not only affects accredited coaches, but can have a negative impact on clients as well, and can prevent coaching from achieving its real goals. 

This is how CIL became the hub that allows professional coaches to be visible and able to practice while being supervised and advised. Coaches, individuals, and organizations who are interested to know more about coaching or considering a coach will get the chance to be exposed to this captivating world. 

I hope Coaching in Lebanon succeeds in revealing coaching as a profession like many others and yet so uniquely distinct. 

I promise that CIL will be continuously growing and moving forward exactly the way we help our clients to. 

I am always available and pleased to answer your queries, questions, and suggestions, for the sole purpose of making CIL up to your standards and expectations, thus, allowing it to reach its full potential and be the hub that I have always dreamed of achieving. 

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